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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to purchase a marriage license from the county clerk?

No, you have two options. You can get your marriage license through the Los Angeles County Clerk or we can provide same day a confidential marriage here for you.

What is the difference between a confidential license and a public license?

Both are 100% legal. The difference is, Public license record is made available to the public. A confidential license, the marriage record is confidential and is only available to the couple. Also, the couple must declare they are already living together.

What type of document do we need to obtain a marriage license?

State issued Driver’s license, and/or I.D. Passport. Naturalization Certificate, Military I.D. , Government issue Driver’s license or I.D. from another country. Alien Registration Card, Matricula consular I.D. with Birth certificate. (Documents cannot be expired)

What if one of us was married before?

If you or your fiancé were previously married and the marriage ended by divorce death or annulment and the event occurred within the last two years or less, proof of termination is need. More than 2 years just the date will be required.

What is the legal age to get marred in California?

You must be 18 years of age.

Is a blood test necessary?

No blood test and healthy certificate are required.

Will we have proof that we are married?

Yes, we will provide you a notarized copy of your marriage license immediately after your ceremony.

How do we obtain a certified copy of our marriage license?

We will file your marriage license on your behalf with the country record’s office. You will receive a certified copy of your license from the state within 6 to 8 weeks. Please note: state fee per copy is $15.00. Bring a check or money order made out to county recorder.

Do we need witnesses?

If you do not have a state issued I.D., Driver’s license, or an American passport, then yes, 2 witnesses are required. Witnesses can be anybody that is 18 years or older with a valid state issued I.D. or Driver’s license. Parents of Bride or Groom cannot be witnesses since they are named on the marriage license. (This requirement is only for the issuance of a confidential marriage license).

Can we bring our own photographer?

Yes, you can, but there is an admission fee of $100.00

How long will the ceremony last?

That will all depend on what type of ceremony you want to have? Civil, non-religious, religious. Our wedding coordinator will be happy to work with you to design the type of ceremony that best suits your style.

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